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I have a problem everytime i get an erection my pants rip in the front. Is this normal and if not what should?
Everytime i get a ***** my pants rip in front because of the *****, is this normal, if not what should i do
Try wearing pants that fit! No need to flaunt it if you know what to do with it!!
What happens if a masseuse get an erection / erections / ejaculation in pants on the job?
What would happen if a masseuse gets an erection / erections / ejaculations in his pants on the job working with massaging women? What would happen then? Would he lose his job? What would women think?
How would they know? Do you think we stare at the guy the whole time?
Will my penis become smaller if I don't release my erection from my pants?
When I have an erection in my pants, it feels like its getting squished and it hurts.
when in doubt, whip it out!
Penis head hurts when I have erection in pants!?
I'm uncircumcised. Do NOT want to get snipped. But when I have an erection in my pants, when the tip of my penis touches my underwear and presses against it, it stings. What should I do to make it not hurt anymore?
Discourage erection in pants. You don't place it proper in ur underwear. When it's erect you should direct it towards the sky, and elastic of your underwear supporting it.
I constantly have an erection under my pants in public which everyone can see. What shall i do about it? ?
it's embarrassing. Any tips/suggestions?
before you leave the house, while flaccid and not turgid (turgidity would make this quite impossible) - do a nice tuck and tape like all the drag queens do: just grab it, stuff it up your butt crack, tape in place and you're good to go.

you're welcome!
I have been wondering about this. What do guys with big penises do when getting an erection wearing pants?
I've thought of this before, but not since I found Yahoo Answers.
It happens that guys get erections, at different times of the day. I often get them during a bumpy car or bus ride, or when I'm busting for a pee. Now I have an average size penis, and it hurts when erect because of the pants. And they're only tracksuit pants! I don't wear jeans, so I don't know what would happen there. Lots of pain maybe?
So hows a big guy deal with it? Surely it would hurt? Apart from whipping off the pants, which is a bit hard to do in public or in a car.
I'd like to say that I feel sorry for them, but I don't. lol
Anyway, the bigger the guy, the more important it is to wear good fitting underwear and then "pointing" it either up or to the side (on a diagonal) so that there is "room to grow" without too much friction.
What are some ways to eliminate the "erection-look-a-like" fold in pants that pops up when you sit down?
This question is primarily directed to guys, but if you ladies have the same problem, feel free to answer. *Note: I am NOT talking about an actual erection! This is the crease in pants (primarly long pants such as jeans and slacks) but also occurs in shorts. When I sit down, the front part of my pants folds up, and it makes it look like i have a big erection! (I don't need to mention how embarrasing this is at certain times (i.e. in class or at work). Please...what can I do? I have lately just been wearing basketball shorts to avoid the problem, but winter is coming up and I need a solution!

So again, what can I do to eliminate that fold?!?
I believe no one notices it anyway. Don't be too conscious.
get light weight, softer cloth pants like claiborne, calvin kline but try them in fitting room before you buy them.
I can see a bulge in his pants, does he have an erection?
I can sometimes see a bulge in my friend's jeans when I'm around him. Does this mean he has an erection or is he just big?
sometimes pants just do that. or maybe he does have an erection, but it sometimes its just natural and has nothing to do with what is going on.

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