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Teen fiction suggestions please!?
I'm looking for a book similar to this one…

But other original AMAZINGG teen fiction books are welcome too! (yes, that means that I've already read Twilight and Harry Potter people! =)
Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Graceling by Kristin Cashore
City of Ashes, City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
Poison Study, Magic Study, and Fire Study by Maria V. Snyder
The Host by Stephenie Meyer
Does it matter what kind of kneepads a highschool volleyball player uses?
Also, does anyone know if these will fit a teen (16 years old)?

No, it doesn't "matter".
The "Mikasa" pad you picked looked good, and Mikasa IS a good brand.
I would rather take my player to the store and let him/her make the decision. A 16-er could be really picky so that you don't want to waste your effort. In local store a pair of Nike Dri-Fit would cost about $17 + Tax, and a pair of Mizuno VS-1 would cost around $20-25 + tax.

By the way, Mizuno seems to be more popular these days... and VS-1 is better than T-1 based on my personal experience.…
Where to get cheap airsoft guns?
I love playing airsoft with my friends and they are all getting new guns. I have a few pistols but theyre not very accurate after about 30 yards. Do you know where I can get a light weight, very accurate gun with .12 gram BBs and with 250-400 fps? Im a teen so I dont have a ton of money and if it was around 40 bucks that would be great.
Check these out:…
They're all right around your price range and they're all solid gas pistols. They recommend .2 bb's for these but .12's should be fine.
A question about teen cutting?
I recently found out a teenage girl that I am close with has been thinking about cutting herself. My solution to all problems is to read a book about the problem, so I ordered her like 3 different books for teens about why cutting is bad, etc.

These are the books I ordered:………

But then I was thinking, would reading about cutting, even if it was about why cutting is bad, possibly encourage her to do it? I was talking to a friend about anti drug books aimed at teens like, "Smack" and "Go Ask Alice" and she said those books just made her want to try drugs. Could these books have a similar effect?

Or is it worth the risk in order to possibly bring her information that could help her avoid getting sucked in to the cycle of self mutilation?
People cut themselves because they have so much emotional pain on the inside and that is their way of releasing it. The key is to get her to talk about what is hurting her so badly on the inside....then you have to show compassion and empathy. Then you have to explain the problems spiritually, and then figure out how to fix the problems Spiritually!

Then you have to teach her how to get saved (to give her hope). Then teach her how to fight demons in herself and her family (or whoever caused her this pain).

You need to talk to her and ask lots of questions to get to the root of her true feelings and pain. Don't just give her books...because if those books don't explain things spiritually...then they are of no use to fix the real problems.

Here's a good book that helped me figure out things spiritually (besides the bible, of course).....……
Which flat iron for a teen?
I have shoulder-length hair. It's super thick and wavy.
I have seen a few i am interested in:

other suggestions would be great!
I had the same exact problem as you!
And i bought the second straghtner and it worked pretty good!
But then i was at target one day, and a Bed Head straightener was on sale and i bought it and it works MIRACLES! It makes your hair silky smooth and its great! But from time to time i still use my conair straghenter and i still like it:)

Also, i use this sunslik gel type thing, when my hair is damp (after a shower) i put some in and i take it from roots to ends, then blow dry it and it MAJORLY helps:)

Good Luck!
Are there any women or teen girls who understand what i'm goin through?
When i was 16 my step dad who has been my dad since i was 2, was drinking alot, and he came on to me. He would corner me and tickle me high where my bbs are. and when i would give him a hug goodnight he would brush his hand down my back and touch my butt. and he would slap my but and make inapropriate comments.
It was making me really uncomfy, so i told my mom. Then the next day my dad told me that if i have a problem w/ him i shouldv come to him and thanks to me they almost got a divorce. a said i was sorry and i guess i missread understood. he said no i was right in what i thought, but i shouldv come to him.

well i'm realy bitter bout the whole thing. i still love him cause he is my dad. I'm married now i feel like all men look at their daughters in a sexual way. i know they don't but when ever i see dads having fun w. thier daughters i feel like they are flirting w them.
Im scared to have a daughter w my husband for this reason.
What are your thoughts?
You are feeling normal about this situation. I hate you had to deal with that as a guy. Perhaps you should talk with your husband and a counselor to eliminate your fears. I am sure your husband would be supportive and understand completely. You will be able to have a daughter because your home will not resemble the one that you grew up in.
Tales of the Otori, looking for the difference between these books?
So, I was browsing amazon for the next book to add to my collection and I fell upon two different copies of the "Tales of the Otori" series. One is meant for young adults, found here:

The other, here: has more pages included in it.

I suppose my question then is this: Would this book be for ADULTS or teens? Can anyone tell me about this series? I'm an adult, and I'm looking for something engaging, with actual character development and the like.
There are three books:
Across the Nightingale Floor (second one you listed)
Grass for His Pillow
Brilliance of the Moon
There is a fourth that takes place fifteen years later- don't read it. It sucks. Those three are REALLY REALLY good, though.
The first copy you listed is only half of the first book. You see they released special editions where each book is made into an episode one and an episode two. They're names are:
-(This is the first one you listed) Across the Nightingale Floor Episode One: The Sword of the Warrior
-Across the Nightingale Floor Episode Two: Journey to Inuyama
-Grass for His Pillow Episode One: Lord Fujiwara's Treasures
-Grass for His Pillow Episode Two: The Way Through the Snow
-Brilliance of the Moon Episode One: Battle for Maruyama
-Brilliance of the Moon Episode Two: Scars of Victory

P.s. It takes place in an imaginary land that has characteristics of feudal Japan. The first three are their own story, you do not need to read the fourth one.
Is the Fujifilm Finepix F10 any good?…

I was going to ask for this camera for Christmas, is it good? Also, how slim is it? I'm a teen who doesn't need fancy features, just a slim camera with good pix quality and good video capture. Thanks!
im a teen too and this camera is like so awesome. its not like high tech and stuff so its easy to use. the its a pretty small camera, pocket size. The pixellage isnt amazing and its lacks some minor qualities, but its still a good camera. hope i helped!
A Sims 2 Kingdom Hearts custom content request?
I have been searching all over for these items for the Sims 2. I don't know anyone who takes requests and sticks to them. I need some Kingdom Hearts items:

Terra's hair and outfit (adult male):

Aqua's hair and outfit (teen female):

Isa's hair and outfit (teen male):

Lea's hair and outfit (teen male):

Ienzo's hair and outfit (guy male)

Ven's outfit (teen male):

Saix's hair (adult male):

Demyx's hair (adult male):

Does anyone here take requests? I really need these items for my Sims. If someone knows someone who takes requests I really need to know. Some of the people on Modthesims never reply to me. If someone here could make even just a few of these I would be very grateful. And if you make all the things I've listed, well, I would love you forever! (Not that kind of love :P)

I need someone who is good at making Sims clothes and hair and has a history with Kingdom Hearts so they know exactly what the people look like.

Thanks so much everyone!!!
Any good books for summer?
well im 19..and i think im past the stage of reading those typical teen romance u guys know any good reads for the summer?i am bloody bored out of my mind!hahaha i need a good book to keep me sane!well im not saying romance books are out of the question...perhaps something that isnt your typical teen love story but something unique and entertaining.any suggestions?!

thanks bbs!<3

Try these:
Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
The Kite Runner or A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hossieni
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
A Member of the Wedding by Carson McCullers
The Far Pavilions by M.M. Kaye

Happy reading!

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